ILCCO/Integral U19 Proposal Service Documentation

The direct link to Proposal Service page is To use data from this grant, please download and fill out a research proposal then send it Steering Committee. This page explains how to use this proposal service system.

  1. Users: All users of this portion of the website are required to register an account. Users are classified into three (3) categories:

    1. Author of a proposal
    2. Owner of a data source, aka, contributing center primary PI.
    3. Service accounts, and additional PIs (e.g., data contributor other than the primary center PI)

  2. User Profile: We would like to collect the following items from a user:


    1. Full Name
    2. Institution
    3. E-Mail (lower case letters only)
    4. Mailing Address
    5. Phone Number

  3. Login: Use your email address (all lowercase) as login ID, with a pre-assigned password


  4. Home: Upon login, Home menu button offers a few choices.


  5. Account Service: allows user to manage personal profile

    User account is invitation-only if your proposal is approved. Your E-Mail is your login ID. A temporary password will be sent to you as well. Once initial login is successful, user will have an opportunity to fill in the rest of the required information.

    User Profile



  6. Work on Proposals: will offer the current user an opportunity to register and update a proposal. Once a proposal is approved, it can no longer be modified self- service fashion. A user can check its processing status.

    proposal registration



  7. Data Exclusion Process: This is for a data owner. It will allow the owner of a particular data center to exclude an approved proposal from using the center's data.



  8. Accessing Data: This is to explain how to conduct data analysis at Baylor College of Medicine
  9. Wiki Site can assist an use with additional information

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