ILCCO/INTEGRAL Proposal Management

  • Work Flow

    The process below outlines steps to take, from initiating a new proposal to data analysis. The end goal is to get quality papers published!

    1. Support: Contact ILCCO-Integral U19 Support Team for all technical support issues
    2. Application: Fill out an online form. Instructions are available in PDF format.
    3. Getting Approval: Steering committee meet regularly to discuss proposals. You are welcome to log back in and check the status of your proposal.
    4. GWAS Summary Statistics: If a proposal is requesting summary statistics only, it is possible to expedite the process, such as by-passing opt-out and ADUCA
    5. Data Center Owners' Approval: If additional data is requested, then there could be up to two weeks holding period while we are actively seeking data use approvals from Data Center Owners. They can independently opt out of your study so you cannot use their data.
    6. ADUCA: Once the opt-out period expires, we will send out a copy of "Associated Data Use Certification Agreement (ADUCA)" for proposal author (PI) to process. Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) will counter sign. Proposal PIs are encouraged to request a copy once ADUCA is fully executed.
    7. Data Download: Data files are prepared during this process, a download end point will be shared - if the receiving party has a valid E-Mail address that is associated with a account
    8. VPN Accounts: Please note that certain data centers would not allow data download. The alternative is for BCM to grant the PI and team members VPN accounts so that researchers alike can login to BCM's HPC for data analysis. If this is a preferred option, please contact Integral U19 Support Team to express your intention. Separate paper work will be processed. Main computational resources at BCM is mostly Linux based, although we do have Windows Server environment in case there's a need
    9. Publication: Please properly acknowledge this grant, share your publication link with us so it can be added to our Publications page. They are listed in reverse chronological order
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