Biostatistical Core

•Aim 1: Characterize contributions of common genetic variation to lung cancer etiology.

•Aim 2: Investigate role of rare variants in lung cancer susceptibility.

•Aim 3: Identify genetic effects on smoking behavior

•Aim 4: Characterize joint effects of environmental and genetic interactions on lung cancer risk

Deliverables Year 1:

  1. Need to complete analyses by ethnic subpopulation and consider comparative and random effects models.
  2. Selected Initial analyses of rare variants are completed along with some methodology approaches by Hung and McKay groups.
  3. Smoking behavior GWAS impact being studied for lung cancer risk by Chen and Bierut, effects of smoking on carcinogenesis being pursued by LeMarchand.
  4. Preliminary Interaction analyses completed by Li et al, but extremely conservative approach was used and should be repeated.
  5. Supplement to study BRCA2 may be funded (hopeful, but could resubmit).
  6. Need to complete NLST revision.
  7.  Need to integrate additional GWAS from GELCC and Asian studies.